Gauging of grinding process: systems of Balance Systems

The use of in-process measuring systems allows to produce constantly components in conformity with the most severe environmental conditions (warm-up, thermal shifts, chemical coolant, local or induced vibrations, etc.) and to operate in high-speed cycles.

The in-process gauge detects the size of the workpiece (the dimensions) in real time and allows the operator to take actions in the proper adjustments in order to stabilize the production process. The detected measure during grinding process allows, where necessary, to reduce or increase the forward speed of grinding wheel and to stop it when it reaches the established size.

In-process measuring systems

Our in-process measuring systems include:

  • absolute measure of diameters
  • comparative measure with master reference
  • features to measure both continuous and interrupted surfaces (regular and irregular)
  • roundness and shape analysis
  • measure of external and internal diameters, thickness, overstock division, taper, flagging and more
  • wide range of tools: slides, supports, arm, tracers and anti-crash systems
  • part-programs defined for each type of work-piece to be produced
  • automatic compensation for process correction
  • special customized applications
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