Automatic balancing machine

  • Fully automatic dynamic balancing machine for high volume production.
  • Specifically developed for balancing armatures for electric motors.
  • The main application are in the field of electrical motors for household appliances, power tools and the automotive industry.
  • It is composed of: a measuring unit, a milling unit for left and right planes and an audit unit. Parts manipulation by four arms rotary cam index.
  • It can be inserted in any type of lines (pallet, step, by loop, etc.).
  • Operator interface by industrial PC.
  • High level of flexibility and quick changeover.
  • Full range of options to meet all the customer’s requirements.

  • Automatic set-up
  • Short cycle time
  • High level of flexibility
  • High level of repeatability and precision of the unbalance measuring
  • Diagnostic and preventive maintenance program
  • Quick changeover
  • High level of reliability
  • User friendly

Armatures for DC servomotors, Armatures for garden tools, Armatures for grinding machines, Armatures for radiator cooling, Armatures for seats and rear-view mirrors, Armatures for small home appliances, Armatures for universal washing machine motors, Armatures for vacuum cleaners, Armatures for window lifts and sunroofs, Armatures for wipers, Automotive Components, Balancing machines, Fuel pump armatures, Home appliances, HVAC armatures, Industrial electric motors, Power Tools, Power tools armatures, Starter motors armatures

Product Description

Technical data
Max armatures weight: 3 kg (6,61 lb)
Armatures diameter: 15-80 mm (0,59-3,15 in)
Stack lamination height: 10-100 mm (0,39-3,94 in)
Unbalance measuring time: 9 s
Controlled by: Industrial PC
Measuring accuracy: 0.1 gmm/kg max (0,04
Balancing method: Polar or vectorial milling in depth and length
Power supply: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 2000 x 2700 x 2200 mm (78,74 x 106,30 x 86,61 in)


Reject conveyor
Industrial Vacuum cleaner for removing milling chips
SPC/SW and printer
Device for balancing skewed slots armatures ( -16°/+16°)
Device for quick changeover
Device for measuring shaft run out

Additional Information

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