Manual balancing machine

  • MK3 is a general purpose balancing machine recommended for processing small productions or to be used in testing laboratories for production development or to perform quality controls.
  • The unbalance correction is carried out manually by adding or removing material.
  • This machine is supplied with a mechanical measuring device connected to an industrial PC.
  • The unit is equipped with all the devices and tools necessary for rapid and secure changeover.
  • Software is available to support the operator to correct unbalances by drilling.
  • The standard machine includes SPC, diagnostics, safety shield.
  • MK3 may also be installed in an automatic line so as to act as a sorting machine (GO-GO no sorter).

  • High accuracy
  • High balancing precision
  • User friendly
  • Quick and precise changeover through preset mechanical stops

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Product Description

Technical data
Parts max weight: 3 kg (6,61 lb)
Parts diameters min/max: 15-90 mm (0,59-3,54 in)
Stack lamination height min/max: 20-80 mm (0,79-3,15 in)
Unbalance measuring time: 7 s
Controlled by: Industrial PC
Measuring accuracy: 0.1 gmm/kg max (0,04
Power supply: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
Power requirement: 0.3 kW


Indipendent manual correction unit by drilling

Additional Information

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